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About TrekStor

With a sure sense for trends and innovations, the TrekStor GmbH offers a wide range of products in the areas of electronic entertainment and information technology.

About TrekStor

In 2009, TrekStor GmbH und Co. KG, founded in 2001, brought out TrekStor GmbH. TrekStor sells its products, largely developed in Hessian Bensheim, in more than 30 countries.

Sales, production stages, development and quality management occur at the head office in Bensheim. However, a large share of manufacturing occurs in Asia. There the production process and manufacturing quality are continually checked by a network of inspectors. With this we guarantee you consistently high quality.

Other the past months, the eBook Reader and SurfTabs in particular have developed into success stories for TrekStor.

eBook Reader
Partnerships with renowned eBook providers such as Weltbild, Thalia and Bertelsmann have made electronic reading devices such as  eBook Reader 3.0  and eBook Reader Pyrus into sales hits. Thanks to cooperation with Marketingverband des deutschen Buchhandels, readers such as Liro Ink and Liro Color have found their way into real-world bookstores.

The innovative display technology Digital Ink®  is even closer to a printed book than a TFT display. This groundbreaking technology was first employed in eBook Reader Pyrus. Further readers, in different sizes and designs, will offer still more digital reading pleasure in future.

In 2012, a range of tablets will be added to the TrekStor  product portfolio.  From 7" to 10.1", from pricey to low budget – the models of the SurfTab® range offer the right model for every tablet user, in a range of styles at a good-value price.

MP3-players and external hard-drives
i.Beat‘s MP3-player range offers music and video enjoyment for every purpose. The possibilities for external data storage offered in the DataStation range have long since gained a reputation as an enduring classic of external hard discs. They have earned good scores in many comparative product reviews and offer outstanding value for money.

In addition, the product portfolio of TrekStor also includes accessories for Apple® products, satellite receivers, movie players and USB flash drives.

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