Wireless SoundBox Speaker


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Why do I hear interferences while using the music playback?  


Other devices that transmit in the same frequency range (such as microwave ovens or Bluetooth® or WLAN devices) are interfering with the transmission to the SoundBox.

Switch to an interference-free transmission channel by pressing the "^" or "v" button on the transmitter. Through the possibility of selecting various transmission channels, optimum connection security between the transmitter and receiver is guaranteed.

The power supply of the SoundBox is not sufficient.
Please make sure that you only use high quality batteries for your SoundBox. Weak batteries can cause unwanted noise or disruptions of the reception. Exchange the batteries with new high quality batteries or provide the SoundBox with power via the USB port as described in the user manual.

A metallic object is interfering with the reception.
Remove the SoundBox from the vicinity of the metallic object. Do not place SoundBox on a metallic bookcase or cabinet.

The distance between the SoundBox and the transmitter has exceeded the permissible transmission range.
Place the SoundBox closer to the transmitter.

The sound of interference can be caused by the positioning of the transmitter or the existing room conditions.
Place the transmitter at a location where the best possible transmission of the signal is guaranteed. Do not position the transmitter too closely to a television, power supply adapter, or other sources of radiation.

Which reasons can it have that the wireless reception on my computer or notebook is disturbed?  

The transmitter is located too close to the WLAN antenna of the computer or notebook.
WLAN devices use the same frequency range as the transmitter of SoundBox. To eliminate any interference of the WLAN reception on your computer/notebook, increase the distance between the WLAN antenna and the transmitter, for example, using a USB extension cord. In addition, you can switch to an interference-free transmission channel by pressing the "^" or "v" button on the transmitter.

Why is there no sound output even though the SoundBox is turned on?  

The transmitter is not correctly connected to the USB port
Check the connection of the transmitter to the computer and reconnect the transmitter to the USB port of your computer if necessary. The blue LED indicator lights up as soon as the transmitter is correctly detected.

The music playback was started before the transmitter was connected to the computer
On your computer, close the program used to playback the music. Make sure that the transmitter is connected to the computer before starting the program for music playback.

The volume of your SoundBox is set to a very low level
Increase the volume by repeatedly pressing the "v+" button.

The volume of your computer is set to a very low level
Increase the volume on your computer.

SoundBox is not switched on
Turn on SoundBox by pressing the on/off switch. The blue LED on the on/off switch lights up, as soon as your SoundBox is switched on.