WinPhone 4.7 HD


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Windows Phone 8 - operating instructions

Geeignet für: WinPhone 4.7 HD
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Date: 2015-02-06
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Operating instructions

Geeignet für: WinPhone 4.7 HD
Version: V1-10
Date: 2015-04-01
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Why is that the date and time did not set correctly after being switched on for the first time?  

The automatic setting of the date and the time works after the initial start-up only, if a SIM card is inserted. In case there is no SIM card inserted, please adjust the date and the time manually under "Settings" -> "date + time". Once the date and time were entered manually, the automatic setting works as well.
The correctly adjusted time and date are important, if you like to use e. g. the Windows Phone Store or download an update.

What happened if the back button and the search button of my Winphone 4.7 HD are swapped?  

Your Winphone has performed an update. This update effects the Microsoft standard positioning of both keys. As Microsoft intended, the back button is now on the left and the search function on the right.

Why does my Winphone show less storage space than indicated on the packaging?  

The storage capacity stated on the packaging and in the technical specifications refers to the total storage capacity of your device. However, a portion of the total storage is also used by the operating system and system applications.

What do I do when my Winphone is not responding?  

If you can no longer use the device or if the device no longer responds to input, reset the device. Press and hold down the on/off button until the device switches off. Wait for about 20 seconds and then turn the device on normally.

How do I add more storage space to my Winphone?  

Your WinPhone has a memory card slot. Insert a card in order to add internal storage to your Winphone. Please consult the technical details of your Winphone to learn which cards are compatible with your WinPhone. These cards can be purchased in any electronics store.