USB-Stick QU


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Can I use my USB mass storage device (MP3 player, Datastation®, USB stick) under Windows® 95 or Windows NT 4.0  

USB mass storage devices are not detected under Windows® NT 4.0 and Windows 95.
USB mass storage devices are only supported from Windows 98 SE. Older Windows operating systems do not support the use of USB mass storage devices. Windows NT 4.0 has no USB support at all. Upgrade your system to Windows 98 SE, ME, Windows 2000, XP or Vista®.

I use Windows® 98 SE and my computer does not recognize my USB device.  

When using Windows® 98 SE a device driver must be installed Install the necessary driver for your USB device. If Windows 98 SE is listed in the technical data under supported operating systems, then you can find the driver on this website in the Service area under Downloads

Why is it not possible to copy largy files to my USB-Stick QU?  

The file system FAT32 limits the maximum size of files.

On delivery, your USB-Stick QU is formatted with the file system FAT32. This file system offers the maximum compatibility with different operating systems. Unfortunately, FAT32 is limited with respect to the maximum possible size of a file. The theoretical limit of the file size is 4 GB. In some cases, a copy process can already fail when the file size exceeds 2 GB.
When you want to store files bigger than 4 GB on your USB-Stick, please format it with another file system. Please note that if you use another file system, you must always log off your USB-Stick QU correctly, otherwise data may be lost!
We suggest that you use the file system NTFS when you use a Windows® operating system and HFS+ when you use a MAC®.

Caution! When formatting a USB-Stick, ALL data on it is deleted! You must make a back-up of all data on the USB-Stick before commencing to format it.