Cebrax 3.0


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Quick Guide

Geeignet für: Cebrax 3.0
Version: V1-10
Date: 2020-01-10
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Why can I not turn my Cebrax 3.0 on?  

The HOLD function is activated.
Check if the key lock (HOLD switch/HOLD function) on the Cebrax 3.0 is activated. If yes, deactivate the key lock as described in the operating instructions.

No power
With an MP3 player that has an integrated battery:
When the battery is dead, charge your MP3 player either with a USB cable connected to your PC, or with a USB charger.

External effects
External effects (such as an electrostatic discharge) can cause your Cebrax 3.0 to malfunction. If the malfunction continues after you turn your MP3 player off and on, reset the player or update the firmware (the software of the MP3 player). You can find the procedure for this in the operating instructions. The current firmware for your MP3 player is on our website under "Downloads". If you have any questions concerning the firmware update that were not answered in the instructions, please contact our support team.

Why does my Cebrax 3.0 freeze?  

If this repeatedly occurs for a specific audio file, the file may be damaged. Delete the file.
If this does not eliminate the problem, reset the player if possible. If your Cebrax 3.0 still freezes, update the firmware.

Why does my Cebrax 3.0 does not respond when I press a button?  

The HOLD function is activated.
Check if the key lock (HOLD switch/HOLD function) of your Cebrax 3.0 is activated. If yes, deactivate the key lock as described in the operating instructions.

Why do I not hear any music from the Cebrax 3.0 earphones/headphones?  

Check if an audio file is being played (the display of the elapsed or remaining time is changing). If not, start playback on your Cebrax 3.0.
Make sure that the stereo jack of the earphones/headphones is firmly seated in the jack socket.
Check if the volume of your MP3 player is loud enough.

Why can't the Cebrax 3.0 play transferred files?  

Wrong file format
The files might be in a format that your Cebrax 3.0 cannot play. The file formats supported by your MP3 player can be found on the respective datasheet on the TrekStor homepage at

Why does my Cebrax 3.0 not play any audio files I transferred from my Mac® to the device?  

Wrong file format
Audio files in AAC format, for example, files that you generate with iTunes®, cannot be played on most MP3 players. Convert these files into MP3 format using a current iTunes program or a different program. Audio files downloaded from the Internet may have protective mechanisms that prevent conversion.

Why are the audio files on my Cebrax 3.0 not playing in the correct order?  

Sort your audio files in a subfolder before you copy them, and copy this folder to your Cebrax 3.0. In addition, you can sort your audio files by renaming them (by adding numbers such as "001_Title", "002_Title", etc.).

The playback mode "Shuffle" has been selected
If the playback mode "Shuffle" has been selected, switch to the "Normal" playback mode.

How can I create MP3 files for my Cebrax 3.0?  

To convert audio files (such as music from a CD) into the MP3 format, you need an MP3 encoder (such as the presently free "Audiograbber" program that can be obtained from Instructions and assistance for operating the program can be found under the help function of the program.

What does the strange characters on my Cebrax 3.0 display mean while playing music?  

The character set is not supported
Some MP3 players cannot correctly display all characters. Only use the standard character set of the menu language selected on the Cebrax 3.0 when writing file names and ID3 tags, and do not use special characters (such as accents, etc.).

What do I have to do, to let my Cebrax 3.0 play transferred WMA audio files?  

The files are copy-protected.
If the files are WMA DRM copy-protected, you need to copy them through the Windows Media Player®. Check beforehand if your Cebrax 3.0 can play WMA DRM copy-protected files. You can find this information on the datasheet of your MP3 player on the TrekStor homepage at

Why can't I exchange music files with other storage devices and my Cebrax 3.0 via Bluetooth?  

The Bluetooth function of the Cebrax 3.0 is designed to only stream music on suitable output devices such as Bluetooth speakers and Bluetooth headphones.
It is not possible to guarantee total compatibility with all Bluetooth loudspeakers and headphones.

Why can't I fast forward and rewind in the Cebrax 3.0 Bluetooth mode?  

Some functions are not available in Bluetooth mode (for example, fast-forward and rewind, plus the options menu is limited).

Why does the Cebrax 3.0 shuffle mode not work correctly in Bluetooth mode?  

It is not possible to directly activate the shuffle function in Bluetooth mode. Activate the shuffle function first in "Set" - "Play mode" for use in Bluetooth mode.

How do I change the language of the user interface on my Cebrax 3.0?  

Go to "Settings", as described in the instructions. Select your desired language under "Language". Alternatively, reset the Cebrax 3.0 to its factory settings to specify the language once again.