MiniPC W3


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Operating instructions

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Version: V1-10
Date: 2016-07-07
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Driver package

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Why is there no sound output via HDMI on my MiniPC W3?  

1. Please check if an audio output is possible via the connected monitor/TV or if the device has loudspeekers.
2. Please check the correct position of the HDMI cable.
3. Right-click on the volume control and on playback devices. Right-click on the HDMI device and select "as default".
4. There should be now a sound output from the MiniPC W3connected to HDMI.

How can I set the MiniPC W3 to start automatically while plugged in an active power supply?  

No, unfortunately this feature is currently not integrated within the MiniPC W3.

How do I open BIOS on my MiniPC W3?  

To open the BIOS, press the ESC key while the MiniPC W3 is powering up on the keyboard. Here you can see the BIOS or BIOS settings.

Attention: Please note that changes in BIOS could lead to a non-functioning or faulty function of the device are not covered by the guarantee

How can I access internet with the MiniPC W3 via a LAN connection?  

When you connect a network (LAN) cable to the MiniPC W3, it will be automatically detected and connected to the Internet through Windows 10.

What can I do if the internal memory of my MiniPC W3 is full or almost full?  

To relieve the internal memory of your MiniPC W3 and free up memory space, you can save media files stored on the device (eg pictures, videos or text files) to an external data carrier (eg a USB memory drive or a suitable Memory card) or delete apps that are no longer needed.

How do I reset my MiniPC W3 to factory settings?  

a) Open the applications menu and tap ‘Settings’.

b) Scroll down in the menu and tap the ‘Backup & reset’ option.

c) Then tap ‘Factory data reset’ and confirm this option.

Note that selecting this option will delete all data that has been subsequently installed (apps, login information, e-mail accounts etc.). This does not affect data stored on an external storage device.

How do I add more storage space to my MiniPC W3?  

Your MiniPC W3 has a memory card slot. Insert a card in order to add internal storage to it. Please consult the technical details of your device to learn which cards are compatible with it (in the technical data on the website (most up to date) or in the detailed operating instructions). These cards can be purchased in any electronics store.

Please note that it is not possible to guarantee 100 per cent compatibility of microSD cards (see “Why doesn’t my device recognise my microSD memory card?”).

How do I use the Bluetooth® function on my MiniPC W3? (Windows 10)  

a) Activate the Bluetooth function on the MiniPC W3 you want to connect and make the device visible to other devices, if necessary. To do so, refer to the operating instructions of the device you would like to connect.
b) Call up settings.
c) In the settings menu, tap on "Devices". Now tap in the left part of the menu on "Bluetooth".
d) Now slide the slider for Bluetooth from left to right in the middle of the screen. The word “On“ now appears next to the slider.

-> This activates the devices Bluetooth function and the device searches for available devices nearby

e) Select the device you would like to connect from the list of devices available by tapping the name of the device. Now tap “Pair“.
f) The MiniPC W3 sends a verification code to the device to be connected. Check that the code displayed on the device to be connected matches the code displayed on the device and confirm with “Yes“.

-> You may also have to confirm the pairing procedure on the device to be connected.

g) The status report “Connected“ appears under the selected device after successful pairing.
h) Exit the device settings by closing the windows.
i) Open the devices file browser (file symbol in the task bar) and go to the file that you would like to send.
j) Press and hold the files you want to send until a drop-down window appears. Select the “Send to“ option in this window and then tap “Bluetooth device“. A list of all paired Bluetooth devices appears.
k) Tap the desired device and confirm with “Next“. The device now sends the selected file to the desired device.

-> The MiniPC W3 now starts transmission to the selected device.

l) You may also have to confirm receipt of the file on the destination device.

-> After a successful file transfer, deactivate the Bluetooth function on the device (and your destination device) to save energy.

How do I open the Settings screen for my MiniPC W3? (Windows 10)  

The button for accessing settings (a cogwheel symbol) can be found in the bottom left corner of the Start menu. Alternatively, you can access settings by opening up the Info Center and tapping on "All settings".

How do I connect my MiniPC W3 to the Internet using WiFi? (Windows 10)  

a) Call up settings.
b) In the settings menu, tap on "Network & Internet".
c) In the next screen, tap on "Wo-Fi" to the left.
d) Drag the WiFi slider from "Off" to "On". The device searches for all available wireless networks in the area and then displays them as a list ("Show available networks").
e) Tap the network that you wish to connect to.

-> If you do not want the device to connect to the selected network automatically (if available), remove the tick next to "Connect automatically".

f ) Tap next on "Connect". The MiniPC W3 now connects to the network selected.

How do I connect my MiniPC W3 to a television using HDMI®? (Windows 10)  

To connect your MiniPC W3 to a television using HDMI®, you need a suitable cable (ask your local dealer). Please note: the television has to support HDMI® as well. Connect the device and your television using the cable. Using the remote control of your television, now chose the HDMI® port of your television to which you have connected the cable to. The television now shows the display of your device.

How can I install Windows Updates on my MiniPC W3? (Windows 10)  

Your MiniPC W3 checks for new updates daily. If you selected the “Use express settings“ option in the start assistant when you switched on for the first time, the device automatically runs available updates when you shut down (download and installation).

If you would like to deactivate automatic updates, you can change this setting at a later point in time:

b) Go to Settings.
c) Tap “Update and security“ in the settings menu and then “Windows Update“ in the upper left corner.
d) Press “Further options“ at the centre of the next screen. You can select the method used to install updates here.

How do I download apps with my MiniPC W3 from the Windows Store? (Windows 10)  

The Windows Store is available in the App field of the Start menu. You can identify the Windows Store by its icon, a shopping bag featuring the Windows logo.
The following two requirements must be met in order to access the Windows Store:

1.  You must be connected to the Internet.
-> Follow the instructions under FAQ “ How do I connect my MiniPC W3 to the Internet using WiFi? (Windows 10)“.

2. You must be logged in to your Microsoft account.
Ideally, you have created a Microsoft account or logged in using your existing account during the setting-up process when you first switched on your device. In this case, all you have to do is open the Windows Store, select the desired app and tap “Install“.
If you still do not have a Microsoft account or are not logged into it, you must perform these steps. Open the Windows Store and select the desired app. Tap the app and then tap “Install“. The Setup Assistant now appears to guide you through the process of setting up a Microsoft account.

-> If you set up a Microsoft account and link it to your MiniPC W3, the password for unlocking the device changes. From now on, you have to enter the password for your Microsoft account to unlock the device.