Liro Mini


Geeignet für: Liro Mini
Version: EBRLMI-1.0.6-T12-20130429
Date: 2013-05-23
File type: EXE (Windows XP, Windows Vista 32 und 64 bit, Windows 7 32 und 64 bit)
Language: Deutsch, English, Français, Italiano, Español, Polski, Nederlands, Svenska, Ukraine, Portuguese

The following error message appears during the installation of the eReader Suite:

Unable to read installer configuration!  

Please check you Internet connection and retry.  

DeviceID must be 32 characters long or 30 characters if valid productid is given

Follow the steps below to install the eReader Suite:

1. Disconnect the eBook Reader from the computer by disconnecting the USB cable from the eBook Reader.
2. Turn off the eBook Reader and wait for 5 to 10 seconds.
3. Turn on the eBook Reader again and wait for the main screen to display.
4. Reconnect the eBook Reader with the computer now.
5. Repeat the installation of the eReader Suite.

Where can I download the Trekstor eReader Suite installation file and how do I install it?  

You can download the installation file from (Windows® XP/Vista®/7)

or (MAC® OS X (version 10.6 and above)).

IMPORTANT: Please check that your eBook Reader is connected to the computer before you start the installation.

Installation under Windows XP/Vista/7:
After the download, copy the "Suite-Installer-Windows.exe" file to the memory of the eBook Reader via Windows Explorer and execute it with a double click.

Installation under MAC OS X (version 10.6 and above):
Execute the "eReader-Suite-MAC.dmg" file with a double click and drag and drop the icon of eReader Suite onto the "Programs" icon in the installation window. The configuration will now start by executing the "eReader Suite" file under "Programs".

What is Digital Ink® technology?  

When using the Digital Ink® technology, the illustration of text or pictures is adopted by a "digital ink". The display is passive: It does not light as conventional LCDs and consumes energy only when loading or flipping a page. This achieves a very long battery life time. Once set "digitale ink" remains until the next image build-up, i. e. the last displayed page remains visible, even if the eBook Reader is already switched off. A "burning-in" into the display is not possible with Digital Ink.