i.Beat GhettoBlaster mini


File type: PDF-file
Language: English

User Manual

Version: 1.21
Date: 2010-12-22
File type: PDF-Datei
Language: Deutsch, English, Italiano, EspaƱol, Swedish

Firmware Update

Date: 2011-01-03
File type: ZIP-Datei
Language: International

Download information

Firmware zum Updaten des TrekStor i.Beat GhettoBlaster mini.
WICHTIG: Bitte lesen die "i-Beat_GhettoBlaster_mini_Update-Information_DE.pdf" vor dem Update.

Why does my i.Beat GhettoBlaster freeze and does not react anymore?  

If this repeatedly occurs for a specific audio file, the file may be damaged. Delete the file. If this does not eliminate the problem, reset the player if possible. The reset button is placed at the rear end of the headphone output and can be reached e. g. by a bent-up paper clip, which is carefully inserted into the headphone output. A brief press switches the player off. Through pressing the Play / Pause button the player can be switched on a again as usual.