eBook Player 5M


File type: PDF-file
Language: English

User Manual

Geeignet für: eBook Player 5 und eBook Player 5M
Version: 1.30
File type: PDF-Datei
Language: Deutsch, Italiano, Swedish, Español, English, Polish

Firmware Update

Geeignet für: eBook Player 5M (Farbe: silber)
Version: eBP5M-1.0.3-20110618
Date: 2011-06-18
File type: ZIP-Datei
Language: Deutsch, English, Français, Italiano, Español, Polish, Nederlands, Swedish, Ukraine

Download information

Firmware zum Updaten des TrekStor eBook Player 5M.
WICHTIG: Dieses Firmware-Update ist ausschließlich für den TrekStor eBook Player 5M (Farbe: silber).

Bitte lesen die "eBook_Player_5M_Firmware-Update_Info_V1-1_DE.pdf" vor dem Update.

What solutions do I have if the page flip does not work smoothly?  

Please wait a moment until all pages have been prepared by the device for reading. In order to change quickly between multiple pages, you can also use the "Go to Page" function. To display a book of your library as quickly as possible, only those pages, which are directly needed, are prepared for reading. This reduces waiting times when selecting a book many times over.

What can I do if my eBook reader is no longer recognized after formating in Adobe® Digital Editions?  

After formatting your eBook Player, turn it off and then turn it back on. Connect the eBook Player to your computer. Now it should be recognized by Adobe® Digital Editions as usual.

Why are some music files not playing on my eBook reader?  

In case you have stored one or more FLAC music files on your eBook Reader it might be possible that no music file can be played. Therefore please delete all FLAC files from your eBook Reader to ensure the undisturbed playback of all other supported music formats.