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Quick Guide

Geeignet für: M.2 SSD MODULE
Version: V2-40
Date: 2019-01-25
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How do I build in my M.2 SSD module?  

In some cases, the M.2 SSD module may not fit into the slot. The solution to this is simple and complex at the same time.

A compatible M.2 SSD module has a B&M key, which means there are 6 pins on one side (B key) and 5 pins on the other side (M key). First, identify the position of the bar in the mounting base. Often the B key with the 6 pins is on the left side while the M key with the 5 pins is located on the right side – but in some cases the opposite can occur.

B&M key picture example

Attention: Please note that under certain circumstances, the expansion slot in the device can only be recognized by an oblique view in the housing due to its design.

Now try to insert the M.2 SSD module with the B key located on the left side. But be careful: Apply only light pressure here. If the connection does not work then you should not increase the pressure, as this could damage the module or the socket.

If the connection between the module and the slot does not work, this is often a sign that you should turn the M.2 SSD module (= B key with the 6 pins now on the right, M key with 5 pins on the left). Try again to connect the module to the slot.

Sometimes it may be necessary to insert the SSD not slightly obliquely into the socket, but first lay it flat in the mounting slot, then align it horizontally and gently push it towards the socket until the SSD slides into the socket.

Take a closer look to see if the SSD is in and not above or below the socket. When properly inserted, the semicircular notch on the other end of the SSD curses with the bushing for the mounting screw.

Please note: M.2 SSD modules from TREKSTOR are always compatible with TREKSTOR hardware. M.2 SSD modules from other manufacturers should also be compatible in most cases. If the insertion of such an SSD module does not work during the first try, this does not necessarily mean that there is an error here.

How can I get my M.2 SSD MODULE up an running?  

After inserting the M.2 SSD MODULE, the SSD needs to be initiated.

Start your computer.

The M.2 SSD MODULE needs to be initiated manually. To do so, please right click the Windows icon
in the bottom left corner of your screen and select the "Disk management" option. In there you will
find a volume called e.g. "Disk 0" with the note "Unallocated" (marked black).

NOTICE: Be careful NOT to select the system disk (marked blue).



Right-click the SSD, select "New Simple Volume" and follow all the steps prompted. The drive
specifications can be accepted. Once done, the SSD will be available as drive under Windows.