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Intelligent accessories ensure a real smart home feeling

What does the genie in a bottle from those old fairy tales have in common with the term genius? Quite simply: They produce a smart combination that satisfies the user's many wishes. And that’s exactly what our new genie products do. Welcome to the new smart home world of TREKSTOR! Controlling your household appliances has never been more intuitive, easier or more convenient.

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We can’t offer you a flying carpet unfortunately, but you can still enjoy a smart device in the comfort of your own home. You can use it to magically switch devices on and off or set time intervals - conveniently either using your smartphone or via voice command. And by the way: The smartphone even shows how much power the connected devices are consuming, because with the Genie Plugs, comfort and transparency are paramount.

Simple in design,
big in effect

Extrasmart device control

The Genie Plugs are compatible with lights, televisions, fans and much more. Setup time is minimal and once installed the devices only work as desired. Want to turn the light on when lying on the couch? Easy! Only want to activate the fan at certain times? No problem! The possibilities are limitless - and a modern smart home makes it all possible.

No need for any miracle lamp

Operation is via the "Smart Life" smartphone app or with the help of intuitive voice commands. The Genie Plug is simply plugged into the socket, the app automatically connects to the device after the initial setup, and coupling is carried out with the help of a tutorial. The plug can then be used directly and can be adjusted precisely to suit your requirements. No need for any miracle lamp - the smart home genie in a bottle can be summoned from almost any commercially available smartphone - that's a promise.

Fairy tales are yesterday’s news, smart life is the way forward

The Smart Life app is the first main point of contact for controlling your smart home and the associated Genie Plugs. The app allows full access to all plugs used in your house or apartment. Smart Life can be downloaded free of charge from the Google Play Store or Apple App Store.

The Genie Plugs provide full language support of the most popular digital assistants, such as Amazon's Alexa or Google Assistant. A skill or an action is available for both assistants, which can be stored to get full access to the language support. With simple commands it is then possible to precisely control all connected devices. You wouldn’t even need a smartphone anymore from this point on, provided that an external Alexa or Google audio receiver is available.

Alexa, turn on the lights!”

                “Ok Google, hit snooze!”

works with amazon alexa
works with the google assistent
works with IFTTT

Sometimes you need more than one socket; in some situations, there may be more plug-in options - but there are simply no connection options. No problem! Here too, the Genie Plug connector strips help out and make your wish for more variability come true. And all this in a modern and appealing design with the same smart functions as the small plugs. But that's not all, because the genies also provide other features, like individual and group control as well as USB charging.

Note: Voice commands only work in combination with devices enabled for Alexa or Google Assistant.