2in1 Surftab with Intel® Atom™ x5-Z8300 processor, Windows 10 Home, 11.6" Full-HD IPS display

Product Overview

Extensive basic features
With its Intel® Atom® x5-Z8300 processor, the Surftab twin 11.6 combines high performance with outstanding battery life in an impressive 2-in-1 device. The Full HD resolution with 1920 x 1080 pixels and IPS technology ensure the Surftab displays natural colours and clear pictures.

Connects across all boundaries
With the Surftab twin 11.6, you can surf, stream, chat and send emails at top speed using a Wi-Fi connection. The Bluetooth function makes sharing music, pictures and files child’s play – and thanks to the modern 3G or LTE function, you can do so on the go and without any cables.

My mobile office
Life is easier with Office 365 Home. Install Office 365 Home* for up to five PCs** on the Surftab and create impressive documents, analyse large volumes of data, present ideas, manage e-mails, contacts and meetings, and access data saved in the Cloud. Office 365 Home is your personal mobile office.

* Free one-month trial version of Office 365 Home comes preinstalled. Activation required.
** One-month trial

Windows 10 Home, 11.6, keyboard, 2in1, 2 in 1, 2-in-1

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Technical details


Processor (CPU) Intel® Atom™ x5-Z8300 processor (up to 1.84 GHz, 2 MB Intel® Smart-Cache) quad core
Operating system Windows 10 Home
Internal storage 32 GB²
Graphic Unit (GPU) Intel® HD Graphics
Display type 10-point capacitive multi-touch Full-HD-IPS-display
Display size
Screen resolution 1920 x 1080 pixel
Aspect ratio 16:9
Camera Front: 2 MP
Interface USB 3.0, 2 x USB 2.0, audio out/mic in (3.5 mm), Bluetooth 4.0, camera, keyboard dock, Micro-HDMI®, Micro-USB 2.0 (with host function), tablet dock, WiFi, memory card reader
Memory extension microSD , microSDHC , microSDXC (max. 128 GB)
G-Sensor Yes
Dimensions approx. 299.2 mm x 180.2 mm x 27.8 mm (tablet & keyboard)
Weight approx. 1400 g (tablet & keyboard)
Housing material plastic
Speaker Stereo

Internet connection

WiFi 802.11 b/g/n: 2.4 GHz

Other characteristics

Available keyboard layouts QWERTZ (DE), QWERTY (UK), QWERTZ (CH), QWERTY (IT), QWERTY (CZ/SK), QWERTY (SCAN)
Power supply Lithium ion battery (8500 mAh)
Charge by Micro-USB socket
Preinstalled languages German, English, Español, Italiano, Svenska, Français, additional languages via Windows download
Package contents Surftab® twin 11.6, USB power adapter (100 V - 240 V), USB cable (USB-A / Micro-USB), cleaning cloth, important safety and legal information, quick guide

* 1 GB = 1 000 000 000 Bytes.

1Free one-month trial version of Office 365 comes preinstalled. Activation required.

Memory card not included in the delivery.

The battery in this product cannot be easily replaced by users themselves.

We reserve the right to make changes and corrections.


File type: PDF-file
Language: English

Quick Guide

Geeignet für: Surftab twin 11.6
Version: V1-10
Date: 2017-08-23
File type: PDF
Language: Deutsch, English, Nederlands, Italiano, Español, Français

Operating instructions

Geeignet für: Surftab twin 11.6 WiFi
Version: V1-10
Date: 2016-10-28
File type: PDF
Language: Deutsch, English, Italiano, Français, Čeština, Slovenčina

Driver package

Geeignet für: Surftab twin 11.6 WiFi, 3G, LTE (32 Bit Windows)
Version: 2017-01-19
Date: 2017-01-19
File type: ZIP


When I try to start a video recording on my SURFTAB TWIN 11.6 WiFi, an error message is displayed and recording does not start. What can I do?  

Please first run all available updates on your SURFTAB TWIN 11.6 WiFi. If the error persists despite updates, pleaste contact our customer service:

What can I do if the internal memory of my SURFTAB TWIN 11.6 WiFi is full or almost full?  

To relieve the internal memory of your SURFTAB TWIN 11.6 WiFi and free up memory space, you can save media files stored on the device (eg pictures, videos or text files) to an external data carrier (eg a USB memory drive or a suitable Memory card) or delete apps that are no longer needed.


How can I move files from my computer to my SURFTAB TWIN 11.6 WiFi? (Windows 10)  

You need an external storage device such as a USB-Stick to exchange files between your SURFTAB TWIN 11.6 WiFi and a computer.

a) Connect the USB-Stick to your computer and move the desired file onto the USB-Stick.
b) Remove the USB-Stick from the computer and insert the USB-Stick into the corresponding port on the SurfTab.
c) The SurfTab recognizes the USB stick a few moments later. Open the file browser by tapping the file symbol in the task bar.
d) Tap “This PC“ on the left in the file browser. All of the available drivers and folders are displayed.
e) Tap the USB-Stick twice to select it. All of the files stored on the stick are displayed.
f) Press and hold the desired files until a drop-down window appears. Tap “Copy“ in the drop-down window.
g) Now tap “This PC“ again on the left in the file browser and open the desired destination folder by tapping twice.
i) Tap a free area in the folder and hold there until the drop-down window appears.
j) Tap the “Paste“ function in the drop-down window. The file is copied to the selected folder.
k) Go back to the drive overview (“This PC“), tap the USB-Stick and hold it until a drop-down window appears.
l) Tap “Eject“ in the drop-down window to safely remove the USB-Stick and avoid any data loss.

How do I select my languageon my SURFTAB TWIN 11.6 WiFi if German is set as default language? (Windows 10)  

a) Connect your SURFTAB TWIN 11.6 WiFi to the Internet.
b) Tap "Alle Einstellungen" in the Info Center.
c) Tap "Zeit und Sprache" in the settings menu and then "Region und Sprache". on the left. You are now on the "Region und Sprache" page.
d) Tap "+ Sprache hinzufügen" in the centre of the screen.
e) Scroll to the desired language and tap the language.

-> The Surftab jumps back to the "Region und Sprache" page, but now also shows the selected language in the list below "+ Sprache hinzufügen".

f) Wait for the "Sprachpaket verfügbar" message to appear in the list below the language and tap "Optionen" (also located below the language).
g) Now tap "Herunterladen" under "Sprachpaket herunterladen".

-> The Surftab downloads the selected language pack and installs it. This process can take a few minutes. As soon as the language pack is installed, a "Sprachpaket installiert" message appears.

h) Tap the arrow to the left beside "Einstellungen" in the top left of the screen.
i) Tap "Als Standard" below the selected language.
j) Restart the SURFTAB TWIN 11.6 WiFi. The selected language is now the display language.

What is the Action Center on my SURFTAB TWIN 11.6 WiFi and how can I launch it? (Windows 10)  

The Action Center is a bar with quick links to some important SURFTAB TWIN 11.6 WiFi functions, which you can either display or hide. To access the Action Center, swipe your finger from the right edge of the screen towards the centre, or click/tap on the memo symbol in the bottom right hand corner.

-> Among other things, the Action Center includes a quick link to what is known as the "Tablet mode". If you tap on this function, the Start menu is enlarged within the display, making fingertip operation considerably easier.

How do I open the Settings screen for my SURFTAB TWIN 11.6 WiFi? (Windows 10)  

The button for accessing settings (a cogwheel symbol) can be found in the bottom left corner of the Start menu. Alternatively, you can access settings by opening up the Info Center and tapping on "All settings".

How do I use the Bluetooth® function on my SURFTAB TWIN 11.6 WiFi? (Windows 10)  

a) Activate the Bluetooth function on the SURFTAB TWIN 11.6 WiFi you want to connect and make the device visible to other devices, if necessary. To do so, refer to the operating instructions of the device you would like to connect.
b) Call up settings.
c) In the settings menu, tap on "Devices". Now tap in the left part of the menu on "Bluetooth".
d) Now slide the slider for Bluetooth from left to right in the middle of the screen. The word “On“ now appears next to the slider.

-> This activates the devices Bluetooth function and the device searches for available devices nearby

e) Select the device you would like to connect from the list of devices available by tapping the name of the device. Now tap “Pair“.
f) The SURFTAB TWIN 11.6 WiFi sends a verification code to the device to be connected. Check that the code displayed on the device to be connected matches the code displayed on the device and confirm with “Yes“.

-> You may also have to confirm the pairing procedure on the device to be connected.

g) The status report “Connected“ appears under the selected device after successful pairing.
h) Exit the device settings by closing the windows.
i) Open the devices file browser (file symbol in the task bar) and go to the file that you would like to send.
j) Press and hold the files you want to send until a drop-down window appears. Select the “Send to“ option in this window and then tap “Bluetooth device“. A list of all paired Bluetooth devices appears.
k) Tap the desired device and confirm with “Next“. The device now sends the selected file to the desired device.

-> The SURFTAB TWIN 11.6 WiFi now starts transmission to the selected device.

l) You may also have to confirm receipt of the file on the destination device.

-> After a successful file transfer, deactivate the Bluetooth function on the device (and your destination device) to save energy.

How do I connect my SURFTAB TWIN 11.6 WiFi to the Internet using WiFi? (Windows 10)  

a) Call up settings.
b) In the settings menu, tap on "Network & Internet".
c) In the next screen, tap on "Wo-Fi" to the left.
d) Drag the WiFi slider from "Off" to "On". The device searches for all available wireless networks in the area and then displays them as a list ("Show available networks").
e) Tap the network that you wish to connect to.

-> If you do not want the device to connect to the selected network automatically (if available), remove the tick next to "Connect automatically".

f ) Tap next on "Connect". The SURFTAB TWIN 11.6 WiFi now connects to the network selected.

Which eBook formats are compatible with my SURFTAB TWIN 11.6 WiFi (Windows)?  

You need to download an app in the Windows Store in order to be able to read e-books on your SURFTAB TWIN 11.6 WiFi. You can specifically search for free apps to display e-books. The functions of the selected app will determine which e-book formats you can read on your Surftab.

How do I download apps with my SURFTAB TWIN 11.6 WiFi from the Windows Store? (Windows 10)  

The Windows Store is available in the App field of the Start menu. You can identify the Windows Store by its icon, a shopping bag featuring the Windows logo.
The following two requirements must be met in order to access the Windows Store:

1.  You must be connected to the Internet.
-> Follow the instructions under FAQ “ How do I connect my SURFTAB TWIN 11.6 WiFi to the Internet using WiFi? (Windows 10)“.

2. You must be logged in to your Microsoft account.
Ideally, you have created a Microsoft account or logged in using your existing account during the setting-up process when you first switched on your device. In this case, all you have to do is open the Windows Store, select the desired app and tap “Install“.
If you still do not have a Microsoft account or are not logged into it, you must perform these steps. Open the Windows Store and select the desired app. Tap the app and then tap “Install“. The Setup Assistant now appears to guide you through the process of setting up a Microsoft account.

-> If you set up a Microsoft account and link it to your SURFTAB TWIN 11.6 WiFi, the password for unlocking the device changes. From now on, you have to enter the password for your Microsoft account to unlock the device.

How can I install Windows Updates on my SURFTAB TWIN 11.6 WiFi? (Windows 10)  

Your SURFTAB TWIN 11.6 WiFi checks for new updates daily. If you selected the “Use express settings“ option in the start assistant when you switched on for the first time, the device automatically runs available updates when you shut down (download and installation).

If you would like to deactivate automatic updates, you can change this setting at a later point in time:

b) Go to Settings.
c) Tap “Update and security“ in the settings menu and then “Windows Update“ in the upper left corner.
d) Press “Further options“ at the centre of the next screen. You can select the method used to install updates here.

How can I perform Windows updates on my SURFTAB TWIN 11.6 WiFi?  

With enabled internet connection your SURFTAB TWIN 11.6 WiFi checks the availability of new updates daily and displays a message in the Info Center when new updates are available. To keep your device always up to date, it is extremly important to regularly connect the device to the internet. If you've select "Express Settings" in the startup wizard, the first time you've switched it on, the SURFTAB TWIN 11.6 WiFi automatically executes available updates at shutdown (download and installation). You can change this setting. To do this, enter the settings and choose "Update and Security" -> "Windows Update" -> "Advanced Options" and select the desired installation method for updates.

How do I reset my SURFTAB TWIN 11.6 WiFi to factory settings?  

a) Open the applications menu and tap ‘Settings’.

b) Scroll down in the menu and tap the ‘Backup & reset’ option.

c) Then tap ‘Factory data reset’ and confirm this option.

Note that selecting this option will delete all data that has been subsequently installed (apps, login information, e-mail accounts etc.). This does not affect data stored on an external storage device.


How can I connect an external hard driveto the USB 2.0 sockets of the SURFTAB TWIN 11.6 WiFi keyboard?  

The USB 2.0 sockets on the keyboard of your SURFTAB TWIN 11.6 WiFi should only be used to connect USB-Sticks or input devices such a mouse or pointer. Devices such as external hard drives or other high-consumption devices should be connected to the Micro-USB socket on your Surftab.

It is also possible that external hard drives or other high-consumption devices are not recognised by the SURFTAB TWIN 11.6 WiFi due to insufficient power supply. In this case, connect the device in question (for example, an external hard drive) to a USB hub with an external power supply and connect this to the USB interfaces of your Surftab.

What do I need to watch out for when installing and removing the keyboard of my SURFTAB TWIN 11.6 WiFi?  

To remove the SURFTAB TWIN 11.6 WiFi from the keyboard, please proceed as follows:

a) Fold the tablet upwards until it is standing  at a 90° angle to the keyboard.
b) Holding the keyboard down with one hand, pull the tablet up and away from the keyboard. While doing this, try as far as possible not to press on the keys, but rather on one of the free areas at the keyboard edges.

To avoid permanent damage to the display, try as far as possible not to press on it when removing the tablet. Grip the tablet by the edge instead.

-> It is easier to remove the tablet if you pull it up at a slight left or right angle, rather than vertically.

To reconnect the SURFTAB TWIN 11.6 WiFi to the keyboard, please proceed as follows:

a) Align the hinge fitting on the keyboard so that the tablet dock is pointing vertically upwards.
b) Next, lower the tablet vertically, with its tablet dock resting on the keyboard tablet dock, and press carefully until it locks.

-> The tablet is locked if it cannot be removed vertically upwards from the keyboard without the use of significant force.

How can I use the Internet on my SURFTAB TWIN 11.6 WiFi with a SIM card?  

A mobile data connection can be set up with a mobile HotSpot via WiFi connection, e.g. by mobile phone with tethering/Hotspot function. That is how you gain access to the internet with your SURFTAB TWIN 11.6 WiFi.

How do I connect my SURFTAB TWIN 11.6 WiFi to a television using HDMI®? (Windows 10)  

To connect your SURFTAB TWIN 11.6 WiFi to a television using HDMI®, you need a suitable cable (ask your local dealer). Please note: the television has to support HDMI® as well. Connect the device and your television using the cable. Using the remote control of your television, now chose the HDMI® port of your television to which you have connected the cable to. The television now shows the display of your device.

How do I add more storage space to my SURFTAB TWIN 11.6 WiFi?  

Your SURFTAB TWIN 11.6 WiFi has a memory card slot. Insert a card in order to add internal storage to it. Please consult the technical details of your device to learn which cards are compatible with it (in the technical data on the website (most up to date) or in the detailed operating instructions). These cards can be purchased in any electronics store.

Please note that it is not possible to guarantee 100 per cent compatibility of microSD cards (see “Why doesn’t my device recognise my microSD memory card?”).

Why is my SURFTAB TWIN 11.6 WiFi charging slowly?  

If you have connected the SURFTAB TWIN 11.6 WiFi for charging and set your device at high exposure at the same time (eg movie playback at 100 % display brightness while surfing, chatting or playing), the battery is charging very slow due to the stress. We recommend you therefore to load the device in the off state.

Why is no sound coming from my SURFTAB TWIN 11.6 WiFi?  

You may have headphones connected to your SURFTAB TWIN 11.6 WiFi. If headphones are connected the loudspeaker of the device is automatically turned off. Disconnect the headphones from the device to re-enable the speakers. If there is still no sound, check if the sound of the device is turned on and if the volume is set high enough.

Why can't I turn on my SURFTAB TWIN 11.6 WiFi?  

Perhaps the charge of the battery isn't enough to turn the SURFTAB TWIN 11.6 WiFi on. Connect the charger to the device to recharge the batttery.