Windows 10 Home in S mode

Many new TREKSTOR products are now equipped with Windows 10 Home in S mode from Microsoft. On this information page we explain the differences and advantages of the latest Windows offshoot compared to Windows 10 Home.

What exactly is Windows 10 Home in S mode?
Windows 10 Home in S mode pursues three important aspects that are of great benefit for the user: battery life, performance and security. Windows 10’s familiar user interface is powered exclusively by apps from the Microsoft Store and the Microsoft Edge browser. The result is a battery life that is up to 15 percent longer, a significantly longer-lasting top performance and above-average system security.

Which software is compatible with Windows Home 10 in S mode?
As already mentioned above, Windows 10 Home in S mode is only compatible with apps from the Microsoft Store. This means that normal computer programs are not supported by Windows 10 Home in S mode. The Microsoft Store offers a diverse selection of applications covering all topics and interests and spanning into the thousands. In addition, Microsoft offers converted programs: For example, we are talking about Microsoft Office 365, which has exactly the same functionality as on devices with Windows 10 Home installed.

Can I switch to the normal Windows 10 Home operating system?
Yes, devices with pre-installed Windows 10 Home Windows 10 Home in S mode can switch to the normal Windows 10 Home version whenever it is wanted. This is made possible by the „Switch Out S mode“, which can be found in the Microsoft Store. Thus, it is possible, if desired, to change the version at any time. However, you should know that this change only works once and can not be undone. A switched version can not be reset under any circumstances. Be aware that you have made a final decision here.

Where can I find more information about Microsoft 10 Home in S mode?
Microsoft has set up a special help page for Windows 10 Home in S mode. So if you have further questions about this topic, you are probably going to find it over there. You can find that help page right here:

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